Waldorf doll with clothes, Soft sculpture doll


Waldorf doll Caramel with clothes.

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Made to order

Waldorf doll with clothes.

Caramel is lovingly fashioned out of all-natural organic materials. The soft sculpture doll – handmade gift for girl 3 years and older.

The rag doll Caramel dons a lovely mohair hairdo, tied in funny ponytails. Her big, blue eyes and blushed cheeks, colored with eco crayons, give her a face that your daughter will adore.

I decorated the Caramel hat with an airy D&G lace ribbon., I chose a heart-patterned cotton fabric from Moschino for the dress.


Delivery 20-30 days

Stuffed with eco wool and adorned with soft cotton knitwear, clothes made of premium fabrics. Caramel’s fluffy, light, snow-white dress is made of soft cotton, as are her silly pantalets.

Each stitch is hand-sewn, and no sewing machines or mechanical processes are used to create the doll. Her knitted shoes are fashioned out of pale pink Italian cotton yarn.

Another fashionable accessory is her eco birch bark backpack, and holding true to her sweet name, a piece of candy is secretly stashed inside. The ceramic buttons, shaped like caramels on her shoes will help to improve your child’s dexterity.

Set of clothes: dress + pantalets + shoes + bark backpack + straw hat

The doll is durable, with flexible arms and legs and a very firm head. The head of the Waldorf doll is formed using the classical Waldorf method. Ecological  wool, from lambs grazed on green pasture, serves as the stuffing inside the doll.  The limbs and core are carefully and fully stuffed to prevent matting and clumping, so the doll remains crisp and new-looking even after washing. (Hand-washing is recommended, and care instructions will be provided.)

Are you looking for a gift that will put a smile on your daughter’s face? Would you like to present your little one with a lovable item that could become an heirloom, to be passed on to later generations? Do you prefer stylish products made of natural materials, things that fit well into the design of your home? The art Waldorf Caramel Doll is your answer to all of these.

She will become a fast friend to your child and will be a perfect accompaniment to your little one’s adorable room.

At 30cm and lightweight, Caramel is a constant companion, easy to tote around. Your child will never be bored with her new friend. She can feed her, play house with her, read to her, cradle her, put her to sleep, nap with her, or take her out for a walk. Caramel would even be happy to be part of a family photo shoot!


I recommend hand-wash at 30-40 degrees C or 85-105 degrees F. Dry naturally – face up, far from artificial heating Devices

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