Hi, My name is Alina

I create organic Waldorf dolls, Waldorf dolls kits and Waldorf doll patterns.

The name of my brand Apalipalka originated from my childhood memory. When I was three years old, I came up with a game which both my parents and I found rather amusing.

I squatted at the one end of the room, shouted Apalipalka and ran to the far side of the room. I did so many times. The audience, my family, were delighted with my invention and excited to see my performance.

I used this gibberish to name my doll making project, which brings joy to children and urges them to fantasize.  

Living closer to nature has made our family’s life more peaceful. Waking up in the morning, I see majestic pines against the cloudy sky. In our garden there are evergreen pine trees with lush branches that make us happy all year round with their color of tranquility.

There are many birds – woodpeckers, great tits and magpies, which I especially enjoy watching. And we share our warmth with all these birds. You see, they gradually pull out tow on our walls (it’s fiber made of flax which keeps our house warm).

Having such a lifestyle as ours, moving out of town was inevitable and logical. We consume simple natural foods, wear organic clothes, don’t use household chemicals, and our kids play with eco-friendly toys.

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