I create cute organic Waldorf dolls
without the use of a sewing machine


Waldorf baby dolls

waldorf baby doll

The handmade Waldorf doll arrives in a beautiful craft-box making her a complete gift for you child. I gently fold each doll in eco-friendly packaging. I love our planet, Mother-Nature, I love forest. I live in a house near the forest and I take care of it as much as I can.

While making my dolls, I fill them with love and warmth for every child.

I make every single seam with my own hands - without the use of a sewing machine, - with a special sturdy hand-seam and solid thread. This, in fact, makes a doll more durable, since a handmade seam is stronger than that of a sewing machine.

You can buy my Waldorf doll pattern on marketplace:

You can buy my Waldorf dolls on marketplaces:

About me

Hi, My name is Alina Bragina. 


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