I create cute organic


without the use of a sewing machine

My Waldorf dolls bring joy to kids all over the world,

resting in the arms of little ones in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Luxembourg,

Estonia, France, Poland,  Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, Brazil.


It happens every time. Every time I finish up my doll, I take her in my hands, admire her, tell her, how beautiful and lovely she is, how much I love her. I do this every time.

Waldorf first doll

waldorf baby doll

The handmade Waldorf doll arrives in a beautiful craft-box making her a complete gift for you child. I gently fold each doll in eco-friendly packaging.

Waldorf doll

If you want to present a Waldorf doll for birth of a baby, then a new mama will be glad to experience such care and manifestation of love.

Waldorf doll

I make every single seam with my own hands - without the use of a sewing machine, - with a special sturdy hand-seam and a solid thread.

Shipping Information

I ship the orders via DHL express delivery worldwide. Be guaranteed to receive a cherished gift for your kids within 12-15 days after payment.

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The next piece of information concerns my USA clients.

For a faster delivery via USPS, you can choose Dolls available in Brooklyn.

More than 800 sales.

When i receive grateful feedback from my clients who have their eyes watering from tenderness when they take the doll in their hands, from the thrill of giving it, then i get my eyes watering.  

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Waldorf Baby Dolls

How to wash your

Handmade Dolls

How to wash your waldorf doll
How to wash your waldorf doll

Waldorf dolls with clothes

Waldorf dolls is a wonderful gift for a girl at the age of 3 and older. It’s  a cute decoration for a child’s room and a smart addition to a doll collection. A Waldorf doll is the best and most adorable and delightful gift for your daughter. Make your daughter happy with an exclusive handmade doll.

Are you looking for a gift that will put a smile on your daughter’s face? Would you like to present your little one with a lovable item that could become an heirloom, to be passed on to futher generations? Do you prefer stylish products made of natural materials, things that fit well into the design of your home? The Waldorf Dolls is your answer to all of these.

She will become a fast friend to your child and will be a perfect accompaniment to your little one’s adorable room.



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Small Waldorf dolls
Small Waldorf dolls
Waldorf doll
Waldorf baby dolls
Waldorf doll Caramel
Waldorf doll with clothes
Waldorf doll Apalipalka
Waldorf dolls in USA
Waldorf doll pattern
Waldorf doll patterns
waldorf doll kit
Waldorf doll kit
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