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The Waldorf baby doll black, she’s pleasant to cuddle and your child will sleep tight holding her in bed.


​There is a painstaking work with hair sewn with tiny hand stitches resembling locks of hair.

Waldorf cuddle doll can become your child’s best friend. The Waldorf baby doll  10″ inches can help you create a special ritual for your child going to bed every night, and during the day. The Waldorf first doll will accompany your child in all kinds of games.I create my velours baby lovey sleeping dolls in soft colors with their eyes closed to tune a child to a good night sleep.

​You’ll receive your Waldorf doll in a nice eco craft wrap, strapped with a natural fiber rope.

It’s a perfect gift to a child or a dolls collector.

I make every single seam with my own hands – without the use of a sewing machine, – with a special sturdy hand-seam and solid thread.

This, in fact, makes a doll more durable, since a handmade seam is stronger than that of a sewing machine.


The body is made of the softest velour and 100% cotton. Her elf-like hat is made of natural Italian yarn and it is sewn directly to her head and cannot be removed.

Apalipalka’s body is stuffed with ecological sheep wool. A special Waldorf technique is used to form the doll’s head, which allows it to keep its shape even during washing.

Her eyes, mouth and hair are embroidered with German cotton mouline thread.

Her face is made of a special puppet-doll knitwear from the Netherlands.

The materials I choose for my dolls are all natural, of the highest quality, and completely child-safe. The combination of different textures exposes your child to various tactile impressions and helps develop his or her tactile sense.

While making my dolls, I fill them with love and warmth for every child.

I recommend hand-washing Apalipalka at between 30-40 degrees C (85-105 degrees F).  Dry her naturally – face up, far from artificial heating devices.

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